January 2016 Echo

Protestor Troy Lywood winces in pain while being arrested by the RCMP Dec. 22 outside the pit near Shawnigan Lake.
Lywood was among seven protestors collared that day after blocking trucks carrying toxic soil to the treatment facility.
(Photo by Peter W. Rusland)

Pit protest galvanizing community

SHAWNIGAN LAKE – The frustration is mounting but so too is the sense of community as a growing contingent of protestors attempt to stop the dumping of toxic soil in a pit near Shawnigan Lake. A rally on Jan. 6 led to several arrests but only fueled the determination of the protestors whose numbers are growing.
Mike O’Connor was also ready to surrender to the RCMP who have been out in full force as dumping continues.
“It’s beyond the point where they (The Province) can ignore this; it’s in the courts. SIA will dump as much as they can before they’re stopped.”
The silver lining, he noted, is how the simmering eco-issue has “galvanized our community.”  READ THE FULL STORY